For the past 2 years

Since graduating I have not used this blog. Although recently I have found it helpful to come back and see some of the things that I was working on, what I thought about them and how it is present in my current body of work. Therefore I will be adding to this blog again.


I couldn’t help but connect the piece on the left created in 2013 to the piece on the right created in November 2016. They both include images that are pulled from Instagram. They are similar in the fact that there is a sequence and pattern, collaged with multiple images. Conceptually they are both created in response to how we interact with social media and images. Dissimilarly when creating the piece in 2013 I wasn’t thinking about my connection with social media and what it does to our memory and goal achieving. I was merely interested in the way I personally can not remember things and how images interact with my memory. Since then I have been researching to really figure this all out for myself. In my final MFA work, I came to the conclusion that my work was about a perception of perfection in this digitally saturated world. I have since brodened my work and as it seems came full circle back to this idea of social media and it’s disruption in  brain function. I am currently reading The Distracted Mind and I am interested in what conceptual conclusions I will draw based on these ideas.

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